❝ Its weird how you can go from speaking to someone nearly 24/7 to nothing. ❞

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Day 4: Conflict

"Don’t go."

Sam was being unreasonable and Bucky had had enough.  ”You don’t get to dictate how this operation works!  I don’t care what your intuition says, I have to go in there.”  Normally, this would be an easy thing.   Whatever Sam had to say would sway his decision.  But no matter how much weight he put into Sam’s ideas, these assholes had Steve.  Bucky wasn’t able to admit how much that one simple fact was blinding him to everything else.

Anger like he had never seen on those features before lit up Sam’s usually patient face.  ”They have three men for every single one of us and they were all hand picked by the Task Master.  How the hell else do you expect this to end other than in pain and death?”

"I know what I’m doing.  Now either trust me and do as I say,"  Bucky turned the safety off of his gun and pulled the shield from where it was strapped to his back, eyes focused on the nearly fortress like building in front of them.  "Or get the hell out of my way."

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shadowsofanecho replied to your post “discussing au’s like ya do where Sam get’s left at the altar and Bucky…”

Oh for a second I thought the au was gonna be BUCKY left sam at the altar for some god forsaken reason and they ran into each other years later.

NOnononononono i’m not evil.  I’m just a fanfic writer. 






i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

make a movie.

the movie would be set entirely in the office of one over-worked insurance agent answering phone calls and in the window behind him we see various Super Heroes destroying things

Cast Amy Poehler

Might I introduce you to Meryl and Milly?